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The best

One of my favorite remixes on the site, I kinda wish I knew more about music so I could give some educated comments, as is however all I can do is ask for more.

Psy-nigma responds:

Hey thats just as good of a review Aceberg.

Its important to know what you honestly have to say in what you like!

Thank you


I like this and your Dark World a lot, one thing I think would be cool though, particularly with this song, would be making a more epic "loud" for lack of a better term (music theory not my strong point) version.

MusicWizard responds:

Ah, you mean, pull up the volume :P

Yeah, i know this output was a bit low, but, hey, where's he volume controler ;)

Thanks for your vote and comment.


Wrote a review on one of your other SMRPG Songs reccomending you do this, didnt even notice it in the list. Great work as usual with the song, this is deff one of my favorite video game toons. Liked the slower part best.

Joshy676 responds:

Thanks for your review. What was an attempt to appeal to all (the tempo changes, and the feel change on the finale rondo) ended up falling flat on its face, but at least someone liked it. :D

FF7 and SMRPG?!?!

It's just too much. If your gonna do more SMRPG I deff reccomend you do the Forest theme.

Joshy676 responds:

Thanks for your review. Because of its more recent submission time, I saw your review on Geno's Forest ROX! first and went, "Wait. I don't remember a review by this gu-- OH! It's a new review!" :D

Loved it

I also like how you respond to all your reviews, I dont need to have think about the chances that you'll actually read what I type.

This is my favorite of your FF7 stuff that ive listened to, one song I think was pretty memorable was the background music in Cosmo Canyon, deff would be interesting to see you do that one.

Joshy676 responds:

Thanks for your review. I've always wanted to, but it seems... too easy, for some reason. Of course, it's always a way to get my brother to jack in his guitar and record me some stuff for once. :P


Made me want to play some donkey kong = O. Particularly liked the 0:30 to 1:00 section, stays true to the classic tune but adds to it.

Would have liked if you guys had done the song when you fight the last boss in the original DKC.

UnrealReno responds:

Don't worry, we are working on that one for an other project. So eventually it'll be there :)!

Thanks for the comment!

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