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Clockwork Clockwork

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Enjoyable. I'm glad the tutorial was skip-able (I actually didn't notice it until I beat the game <_<), The puzzles are challenging but the gameplay is easy to learn by doing. I was particularly happy that even on the hardest puzzles it did not reduce to trial and error, it was still possible focus and come up with a proper plan.

Armor Mayhem Armor Mayhem

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Enjoyed this game a lot, here's some things I wish were different though:

AI is too bad at capture the flag, player should at least be able to hit people with the flag to make up for having to get it over and over (20 times was too many on the last CTF mission imo).
The red terrain was a bit over the top.
Being able to chose color would be nice.
Plasma rifle type thing was the only weapon I enjoyed using. Shotgun was ok, rocket launcher and ion cannon were fun to use but annoying when the AI had them.
Grenades would be cool.
Capturing zones was very fast, maybe have it go to neutral then go to captured.

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Epic Battle Fantasy 3 Epic Battle Fantasy 3

Rated 5 / 5 stars


A truly impressive (not to mention entertaining) flash production. I got somewhere around 30 hours of entertainment from this game, more than I get from the average full priced console game I buy. This game makes me want to go back and turn every 10 I've given to other games into 9s.

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Doodle God Doodle God

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Enjoyed the game quite a bit, even more combos would be sweet but yeah.

Everytime I got something new I tried combining it with energy first. "Hm, what can I do with bricks? ENERGY BRICKS!"

Catnarok- Longcat Rampage Catnarok- Longcat Rampage

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Most fun I've had in awhile

This game is awesome in terms of simply being fun, think theres certainly room to expand on it (obviously because it was made quickly). First off I think the laser upgrade overshadowed the others in usefulness by a lot. as you go through the first several level ups your power increases by huge amounts then once its maxed and you get the others its just small bonuses. Perhaps requiring more levels to max the laser would help (though reduce the effect of each upgrade) or simply making more powerful other upgrades.

In general I thought it was a bit too easy, I think making the enemies much more deadly but allowing you to shoot down their projectiles would raise the difficulty and skill cap significantly. Also I felt like the keyboard method was a bit too powerful because you could just hold a key in and move the mouse around, whereas with clicking you need to press individually for each enemy. (Though even with clicking it was still not very hard). Admittedly I didn't play until I lost so for all I know it may become difficult at some point but after a solid 10-20 minutes of lasering stuff and coming nowhere near death I got a bit tired.

Pirate Launch Pirate Launch

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Thought this was a really fun game, only two little complaints.

First off I ran out of upgrades well before I got close to the island, After I got all the upgrades I had a good run and made it about halfway after while but eventualy tipped. This made the game become slightly repetitive (No upgrades left to work for, just doing the same thing except hopefuly better).

Second was the music got a bit repetitive. this was a rather minor problem and I did not even search for a mute button, but still something worth noting imo.

Overall great game.

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Noodle responds:

If I were to ever make a sequel, I would make it so you had to comeplete difrent levels of difficulty.
MAYBE with the last one being as long as it was. I just didn't want people beating it in 5 game days. That seems too easy.

Also, the M in the bottom right of the menu is a mute

Thanks for the review

Electric Box Electric Box

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Good puzzle game

Very enjoyable game, the tutorial does a good job with the traditional style of giving the player some practice with the controls while slowly introducing several of the specific features that will be used (It is cool though that not all of the items you need to use where included in the tutorial, requiring players to experiment a bit when they get that far).

The difficulty was good for a casual puzzle game, starts off pretty easy but eventualy begins to tax the brain and / or require significant experimentation by the player. I stopped playing about halfway through due to other things I wanted to do, so I didn't get a chance to see what the hardest levels we're like, but the difficulty curve of the first half did seem quite good.

One feature that would be nice to implement in my opinion is a fastforward option, as the levels became more challenging it was tedious having to go through the first half of the puzzle just to make sure the second half was done correctly.

Overall a very well made puzzle game.

Ether War Ether War

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Fun game.

I enjoyed this game quite a bit, very well done. Couple things could be better though.

More upgrade options (Namely weapon choices)
More noticable effect when you shoot an enemy (It's hard to tell your hurting an enemy at all until it explodes, maybe have a small knockback impact when you hit enemies)
Description of what the upgrades do (Most we're self-explanatory, but I never did find out what the repulsion sheild does, even after I bought it)

I like the Chaos aspect of it though, keep up the good work!

Kajenx responds:

The repulsion shield shoots out lasers when you get attacked. I tried to keep the interface as simple as possible. I thought about adding a pop-up description or something but most of them don't really need it...

StarBaron - Skirmish StarBaron - Skirmish

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Awesome idea

Looking forward to an improved version in the future, heres some things that could be improved.

Graphical interface - Most of it was pretty good looking, but making some of it a bit higher quality would be nice,
- The interface for chosing the specialization of your base
- The icon for the Mine

Controls - Overall the control scheme was incredible, however I sometimes found myself sending ships accidentaly because I would forget I had a base selected and I would attempt to select a differant base, Perhaps making it so you have to press a button before clicking to indicate you do in fact want to send ships. (This could be optional for those people who dont have my problem and enjoy just clicking to send)

Speaking of options...
Perhaps allow the user to chose the color which they want at the beginning
More than four total enemies? (This might cause lag, but it's worth trying if you haven't)
I also think the game would benefit from having one more kind of base type, not sure what, but I feel like one more solid choice would be cool. (Perhaps something offensive besides the naval base)

Great game, hope it's even better in the final release.

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Pandemic II Pandemic II

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Good game.

Was definatly a great game, though like many people said, Madagascar was pretty tough, I was on high speed watching and it took 5+ minutes for a single ship to go there (And of course it wasn't an infected ship...)

It's good that it's challenging though.

Not much I've got for advise on how to improve, one minor thing, it would be kinda cool if the regions went from red to a dark grey or black after the population is entirely wiped out, just to make it more grim.

For those having difficulty with the game heres a quick 3-step guide, if you want to figure your on strategy out, obviously dont read this,

Step 1 - Low Visibility, during this step make sure visibility is very low, and save your evo points (maybe get some resistance, dont worry too much about symptoms, as they will increase the chance of regions shutting down transports etc.
Your goal in step 1 is to infect every region.

Step 2 - Total infection, during step 2 your goal is to have every person infected as soon as possible, visibility is no longer significant, once everyone is infected even a succesful vaccine cannot save them. (Saved up points from step 1 should be used in this time to infect rapidly)

Step 3 - Death, this is the sit-back and relax stage, obtain symptoms that add to lethality then wait til you've won.

Due to the importance of step 1 my favorite type is the parasite with low visability.

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